Links to U.S. Supreme Court previews for OT 2016

As an appellate lawyer, this is my favorite week of the year, since it marks the beginning of the new term for the Supreme Court of the United States. Christmas in October is here!

To help you get in the swing of things, here are some links to articles and podcasts previewing the new term:

1.  The new kid on the block is the First Mondays podcast by Harvard law prof Ian Samuel and Washington University law prof Dan Epps. I listened to the first episode, and so should you.

2. The American Constitution Society’s Supreme Court preview is here.

3. The Federalist Society’s Supreme Court preview is here.

4. Prof. Erwin Chemerinsky has an article in the ABA Journal: “What to look for in the new Supreme Court term.”

5. Adam Liptak of the New York Times has this article: “Supreme Court Faces Volatile, Even if Not Blockbuster, Docket.”

6. David Savage of the Los Angeles Times has this article: “Divided Supreme Court opens new term that could bring historic shift.”

7. Law professor Noah Feldman also weighs in with “Supreme Court Aims for a Boring Term.”

8. Lydia Wheeler of The Hill has this piece entitled “Top Five Supreme Court Cases to Watch.”

9. The National Constitution Center has this podcast, “What to expect at the Supreme Court this year.”

If there are any others you think should be added to this list, please shoot me an e-mail.

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