“New Mexico, 13 other states back affirmative action policy.”

KOB-TV has this report indicating that New Mexico has joined 13 other states in an amicus curiae brief filed before the Supreme Court of the United States, supporting the University of Texas’ use of race in admissions. By “New Mexico,” the report means Attorney General Gary King, who signed off on the amicus brief, which the always-informative SCOTUS Blog has posted here.

The case, Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, is likely to be one of the most controversial of the upcoming term, and the Supreme Court will hear oral argument on October 10.

If you want to know more about the case, take a look at the page that SCOTUS Blog has dedicated to it, which includes links to the parties’ merits briefs, as well as the dozens of other amicus briefs that have already been filed.  I highly doubt that the justices will actually read all of the amicus briefs.

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