Planned Parenthood appeals to 10th Circuit from ruling allowing Utah to cut off funds

Last week a federal judge upheld the State of Utah’s decision to cut off funds to Planned Parenthood, an organization that has become increasingly controversial in the wake of undercover videos which allegedly show executives and employees engaged in selling fetal body parts.

As Peter Sullivan reports in this story at The Hill, Planned Parenthood has filed a notice of appeal to the Tenth Circuit. Some federal courts have blocked several states’ efforts to defund the organization on the ground that they “violated a federal law that allows Medicaid beneficiaries to receive care from any willing and qualified provider,” but the report notes that the Utah case is different because it “does not involve Medicaid funds.”

UPDATE (January 4, 2016): The Tenth Circuit has granted Planned Parenthood’s request to stay the district court’s order, according to this story by Mark Green at

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