Read the latest issue of Native American Law Watch

For those of you who follow developments in Native American Law, you might be interested in a publication written by my colleagues, Native American Law Watch.

The latest issue has several interesting articles, including the following:

“Jurisdiction for Injuries Arising at Tribal Casinos: The Importance of Clear Dispute Resolution Terms,” by Brian Nichols, which discusses recent developments in New Mexico and Oklahoma law on this subject.

“Jemez Pueblo’s Aboriginal Title Claims to the Valles Caldera dismissed; Pueblo Appeals,” by Sarah Stevenson, discussing the Pueblo of Jemez’s struggle to regain ownership of the most beautiful place in New Mexico, which will now proceed to the Tenth Circuit. I have previously blogged about that lawsuit here and here.

“Grand Canyon Skywalk Update,” by Deana Bennett, regarding a structure that you don’t want to walk upon if you’re scared of heights.

There are several articles which are well worth your time if you practice in this area, or are interested in learning more about it.

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