“Former justice Paul Kennedy applies for Supreme Court position”

The Farmington Daily Times has this report stating that a third lawyer — prominent civil rights attorney Paul Kennedy of Albuquerque — has applied to fill the Justice Patricio Serna’s seat on the New Mexico Suprem Court.  The report explains that the Judicial Nominating Commission “released a partial list of applicants on Monday and it failed to include Kennedy.”  The Nominating Commission’s website has now rectified the apparent oversight.

The report notes that Kennedy served as a justice for a few months during 2002.  I have worked with Kennedy on some cases, and in my opinion he is well-respected in the legal community and is eminently qualified to serve on the Supreme Court.

The report does not say whether Kennedy will seek the Republican nomination for the seat, but if he does and obtains it, he could well face one of my partners, either John Kelly or Michelle Hernandez, both of whom are seeking the Democratic nomination, and either of whom would also be a terrific addition to the Court.

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