My Top Ten Most Popular Posts in 2013

Here are the top ten most-read posts from the New Mexico Appellate Law Blog in 2013. Thanks again to all the readers of this blog, and I hope each of you has a Happy New Year!

1. Heroic off-duty police officer who died rescuing child is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, says NM Court of Appeals.

The Court of Appeals’ August 19, 2013 decision in Schultz v. Pojoaque Tribal Police Department was a landmark in workers’ compensation law.

2.  Read the briefs in Griego v. Oliver, the same-sex marriage case in the New Mexico Supreme Court.

Contains links to the briefs in what is certainly the New Mexico Supreme Court’s most important decision of the year, Griego v. Oliver.

3.  New Mexico Supreme Court issues decision in high-profile Elane Photography case.

The high-profile First Amendment decision in Elane Photography, LLC v. Willock generated national attention, and may be reviewed by the Supreme Court of the United States.

4.   “A Bit of the Wild West Survives in New Mexico.”

Who knew that so many people were interested in New Mexico’s fence-out law?

5.  It’s time for reciprocity in New Mexico.

We have yet to learn whether the New Mexico Supreme Court will bring our state into the 21st Century, and allow experienced lawyers from other states to join New Mexico’s bar (and vice versa) without having to take the bar exam again.

6.  NM Supreme Court denies petitions seeking recognition of same-sex marriage.

This order must have disappointed same-sex marriage advocates in August, but they ultimately prevailed in December.

7.  “Governor tapes Santa Fe attorney for vacant First District judge seat”

Governor Martinez’s appointment of Francis Mathew to the district court bench generated some interest.

8.  Motion to compel arbitration is not a Get-Out-Of-Discovery-Free card, says NM Court of Appeals.

Efforts to enforce arbitration agreements usually provide fodder for several New Mexico appellate decisions each year.

9.  Interview with Justice Paul Kennedy, Republican nominee for the NM Supreme Court.

Although this interview was posted in November 2012, lots of folks are still interested in reading about Justice Kennedy, who is now back in private practice as one of the most capable lawyers in New Mexico.

10.  Read the briefs filed yesterday in New Mexico’s same-sex marriage cases.

I posted these briefs in July, when the same-sex marriage cases were first before the New Mexico Supreme Court.



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