“Two tapped for Supreme Court vacancy”

Barry Massey has this report posted at KRQE’s website, which states that the New Mexico Judicial Nominating Commission met this morning and approved the two applicants for the upcoming vacancy on the New Mexico Supreme Court, former justice Paul Kennedy and former prosecutor Steven Suttle.

Their names will be forwarded to Governor Susana Martinez, who will have 30 days to select one of them to fill the post.  I am not very familiar with Mr. Suttle, but I’ve worked with Paul Kennedy before, and he would make an excellent justice.

As the report notes, the Governor’s appointee will serve through the end of the year unless elected to the seat in this November’s general election.  Five Democratic candidates are seeking their party’s nomination, which will be decided at a meeting on August 25.

The report states that the Republicans will meet on September 8 to decide who their nominee will be, and suggests, but does not confirm, that Paul Kennedy may seek the GOP nomination.  I have not heard whether any other Republicans will seek the nomination.

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